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What steps do I need to take after an accident?

1.  Make sure everyone involved is okay, including yourself!

2. Call for ambulance or police, if needed.

3. Start a claim by calling your insurance company, or submitting a claim online.

4.  Make an appointment with an auto body shop to get an estimate and schedule for repairs.

I have a deductible due on my claim - who do I pay and when do I pay it?

Your deductible is payable to the shop performing the repairs, and payment is required before release of the repaired vehicle.

I have a vehicle I want repaired, but I don't want it to go through insurance. Will you still work on it?

Absolutely!  Bring it in for us to look at and we’ll let you know what we can do!

How do you keep me updated while my vehicle is being repaired?

If we have your cell phone number, or email, our estimating program sends out periodic messages on the progress of your vehicle.  There is also a link you can follow from our website to that will also let you know where your vehicle is in the repair process.  We will call you if an issue comes up, and we always welcome phone calls to inquire about repairs also!

I just checked to see how the repair was coming, and I noticed the amount is higher than what my insurance check I received was for. Will I owe the difference?

No.  The body shop and insurance company agree on an initial estimate of record amount, and any amount over that is directly billed to the insurance company.  If you do receive an insurance check, you will be responsible to pay the shop that amount, plus your deductible, if applicable.


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